What is an ICO secondary market?

Is it a right decision to buy ico tokens in secondary markets? Maybe. Before delving into secondary markets, let’s try to understand what an ICO in cryptocurrency is.

Ico is an initial coin or currency offering where, upon investment, you get tokens. Investing in token is not the same as investing in coins or shares. There are more chances of manipulation and fraud when it comes to ICO and it’s important to keep your head straight while investing.

Now coming to secondary market, what is it? Primary market is the one where you take part in the first issue of ICO tokens in return of money. Now upon purchasing the token, if you want to sell the token to someone else then the scenario is known as secondary market. The major difference is on selling, you won’t receive any capital but the first issuer in the primary market will.

Do you have any idea what will be the worth of ICO tokens in a few years? Chances are they won’t be worth a great deal so one should not keep ICO tokens in possession forever. On researching more about these in internet, you will find various strategies to deal in secondary markets. But there also must be well supported ICOs coming out where such strategies can be applicable.

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