Top cryptocurrencies of 2018

It hasn’t been long since the cryptocurrencies have hit the economy like a wave. People who were once completely unaware of a phenomenon like this have started investing in them and have seen massive returns. While some users continue having great experiences and swear by cryptocurrencies, there are those who do not believe in them at all.

The ICO launch list is updated day after day with digital currency companies as well as private companies wanting to seek funds in the form of ICOs. Most times new users of cryptocurrencies do not know where to invest and where not to.

Therefore, we have curated the top cryptocurrencies of 2018:

-Bitcoin: Without doubt, Bitcoin has seemed great success. Having the first mover advantage, Bitcoin has capitalised the digital currency industry. Another perk of this cryptocurrency is that Bitcoin wallet is one of the safest wallets to keep your assets.

-Ethereum: The Ethereum ICO list has seen a significant growth ever since its inception. Though the market cap is much smaller than that of Bitcoin, but the future of Ethereum seems rather bright.

-Ripple: Ripple tokens sell for relatively very low prices as compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, Ripple currently has over 39 billion tokens that are circulating in the market.

These are the top 3 cryptocurrencies of 2018. However, others like Bitcoin Cash and EOS are not far behind in the game.

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