These are nothing but the ICO platforms itself which are best in providing solutions for trust issues occurring in ICO ecosystem. There are many options in this kind of exchange ICO like peer to peer exchange and others. Some of the examples are NEX, DEX, Changelly and many more. Blockchains always lead when it comes to these types of ICOs. DEX is a P2P i.e. peer to peer trading system. This takes the middle man out of the scene and makes it much more automated. NEX is also the platform for maintaining the high performance.

Neo cryptocurrency ICO is also a sort of decentralized platform. This was designed mainly to have a scalable network of all these decentralized platforms.

These neo tokens also aim at generating GAS tokens. These can be used to pay the transaction fees generated by tokens on the network.

Neo has always been considered as one of the powerful ICO platform with greater returns. ICO results are very important as they have comprehensive information about all the details. The important data that result includes are, market cap, fund raised, performance, current and recent updated price, change in price, new features and many more. These list all the details about the coins and make the users educate about all the coins.

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