Best Cryptocurrency under a Penny

Token generated as cryptocurrency has some specified value which defines the constructed returns in upcoming years. This value is specified as penny token. The world of smart contract is coming up with many innovative ideas giving alternative cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. Blockchain has got upgraded and is capable to validate and record external other than Bitcoin transactions.

The list given below gives brief introduction about the best cryptocurrency under a penny:

Neo: It is known as a Chinese version of Ethereum. It works on smart economy and has latest ICO upcoming to build a smart mode of transaction.

Nebulas: It is especially designed to build the Google for blockchains. It is simply organized and have search and other blockchain applications.

Cardano: This is the first blockchain cryptocurrency which is based on algorithms. It has many technical stabilization capabilities as compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Zilliqa: It is one of the fastest blockchains of all the period. It is capable to handle over 15,000 transactions each second.

Raiden Network: It is a project that was initiated so as to tackle the problem of Ethereum’s slower transaction problem. It is often compared to the lightning network developed by Bitcoin.

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